Lovable and Collectable 3d Voxel Buddies

What Are Voxies?

Voxies are cute, lovable and collectible 3d voxel buddies, that live and play on the Ethereum blockchain. There are only 10,000 Voxies in existence and no two Voxies are identical.

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Voxie Tactics

A first of its kind Tactical RPG game

Play for Free – Anyone can jump in and play immediately!

Dynamic Gameplay – Play against the computer by exploring the world of Voxtopia or challenge your friends in the PVP Arena to win contests and rewards

True Player Ownership – Earn cryptocurrency and in-game NFT items you can buy, sell, trade & loan on the blockchain

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Home – Orginal

Somewhere in the wild there are 2 highly coveted GOLDEN EGGS.

No one knows what will hatch from these eggs but tales have been told of a highly valuable treasure to anyone that comes across one.

Happy hunting!

Contest Rules
    • Simple enough – own and reveal a Voxie with a Golden Egg and

claim a 5 ETH prize!

      • The golden eggs are clearly visible and also the meta-data mentions the companion as “Unhatched Golden Egg”… so you cant miss them.

        • The only additional hint is that 1 golden egg is hidden in the first 5000 (#0 – 4999) Voxies and the 2nd egg is in the last 5000 (#5000 – #9999).

Congratulations to CrispiCrunch & Maruchanr for winning the Golden Egg Competition!

Aren’t They Adorable?

OMG, It’s Twins!

2 in 10,000 Voxies are identical.

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Aren’t They Adorable?

OMG, It’s Twins!

2 in 10,000 Voxies are identical.

There is a rumor that there are exactly 2 Voxies that are identical and share all the same (visual) attributes!

How is this possible? Nobody knows for sure but if the rumors are true there those that would pay handsomely to see them in the same place at the same time!

Contest Rules

If the same owner were to posses both Voxies who knows what would happen? Actually we do, they would win a BIG prize.

The first person to own BOTH identical Voxies in the same wallet will win the prize

The prize: 5 ETH + Godly Gemini Voxie (Claimed!)

Congratulations to tenchi99 for winning the Twins Competition


A Curator’s Dream

Collect em’ All

Complete sets of races to win exclusive in-game NFT prizes.

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A Curator’s Dream

Collect em’ All

Complete sets of races to win exclusive in-game NFT prizes.

If you are as big of fans of NFTs as we are then you probably love collecting them as much we do.

In that vein, we have decided to kick off a series of Collector Challenge Series for VoxieNFT Holders where the winners will receive amazing & exclusive prizes!

Our first Collector Challenge will be for the Voxies Races.

We have decided to make Tiers for the collector challenge to make it eligible for different levels of collecting (the first level requires you to own 3 Voxies to win that challenge).

Contest Tiers
  • The contest will run from September 3rd 2021 to October 28th 2021, rewards will be issued out before the game launch
  • Participants can win multiple contests in a single account but cannot win the same challenge more than 1 time in a single account. They are also able to use the same Voxie to complete multiple challenges if applicable

Example 1:
Participant owns Voxies 5 uncommon Voxies (Human, Doge, Zombie, Alien & Robot). That person can use those 5 uncommon Voxies to win the Uncommon tier Monster Hunter Challenge and use the same Human, Doge and Zombie Voxies to complete the Starter Collector Challenge.

Example 2:
Participant owns 100 Voxies and has 10 sets that can complete Starter collector challenge, 2 sets that can complete the uncommon challenge and 1 set that complete the epic challenge. That participant is only eligible to win the Start Collector Challenge, the Uncommon Monster Challenge and the Epic Monster Hunter Challenge 1 time a piece.

  • The Godly Voxies can be used a wildcard for a single use in any spot in the challenge
  • Once a participant collects all of the races they will need to hold their Voxies for the contest rewards until the end of the contest to receive their prize(s).
  • Challenge participants will NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE REWARD if they sell any of the Voxies used to complete the challenge before the October 3rd date when the challenge finished.
Starter Collector:

Any rarity combination

  • 1 Human
  • 1 Animal (Doge OR Fox)
  • 1 Fantasy (Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy, Blue or Red Robot, Alien OR Dragon)


    Complete the challenge and receive an common NFT weapon or item
Monster Hunter Collector

Individual rarities tiers

  • 1 Human
  • 1 Animal (Doge OR Fox)
  • 1 Undead (Zombie, Skeleton, or Mummy)
  • 1 Robot (Blue OR Red)
  • 1 Alien or Dragon


Own a common of each race above and receive an uncommon NFT weapon or item.

Own an uncommon of each race above and receive a rare NFT weapon or item.

Own a rare of each race above and receive an epic NFT weapon or item.

Own an epic of each race above and receive a legendary NFT weapon or item.

True Legendary Collector

Own 1 Legendary of each:

  • 1 Human
  • 1 Doge
  • 1 Fox
  • 1 Zombie
  • 1 Skeleton
  • 1 Dragon
  • 1 Robot
  • 1 Red Robot
  • 1 Alien


Complete the challenge and receive an 1 of 1 Godly NFT weapon or item

    Every Winner of each challenge will also receive custom discord group designations & colors for each collector designation they receive and will have exclusive in-game badges designating their status of Completing the various challenges.

COUNTDOWN Airdrop End & Listing Binance Launch Pad

Minimum amount sent to Binance is 20,000 $VOXEL


Support: Metamask, Trustwallet

Refer and Get 60% of all Claim & 40% of BNB

Get instant tokens

Purchase Tokens

0.01BNB = 7,500 VOXEL

Hard Cap Per USER: 15,000 USD

1BNB = 750,000 VOXEL

0.2 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to the start of subscription)

Invite By

Invite Link Required (You need to hold at least 1 token)

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